Due to the financial and personal impact of COVID-19 on our business, we regret to inform you that we have suspended operations indefinitely. We might recover, we might not, but for now, we are not taking orders nor buying or selling any product.


Buy Now, Pay Later Silver is located at:

109 Bay Shore Rd
Bay Shore, NY 11706
1 (833) 847-4583

Shipping Policy:


It is Buy Now, Pay Later Silver's policy to ship all product via registered and tracked mail through the United States Postal Service (USPS). The fee for this service is included in the monthly charge outlined in the contract, and will not change over the duration of the contract. All contracts have the option to add "signature required" to the delivery, which will ensure that the product was recieved by the consumer, or their authorized representatives. This option may be added for an additional fee, which will be detailed in the contract.

All products will be shipped in their original sealed cases and containers,as provided by the source of the product.

Shipment Processing Time:

Your monthly product will ship from our offices within the first two weeks of the month; you should allow up to seven business days afterwards to receive it. This time may vary due to weather conditions or busy holiday mailing periods. Shipping delays do occasionally occur; we cannot be held responsible for delays out of our control. If you feel that you have not recieved your product in a timely manner, please contact us via email or phone with your latest shipment confirmation email so we can assist you in any way we can.

Shipping and Billing:

It is our policy to bill the credit card on file just before we ship the product to you. If the payment is approved, you will recieve a confirmation email that contains your reciept and the shipping information for that installment.

However, should the card be declined, we will place the shipment on hold, and attempt to contact you to resolve the issue. We will do so via email and phone. We reserve the right to cancel a contract if we are unable to bill your credit card on file, and you do not resolve the issue within 30 days. This includes not responding to our emails or calls, or providing a replacement credit card that does not work. If we cancel your contract due to the inability for us to garner payment, you will be notified via email and phone.

Damages or Lost/Stolen Product:

Buy Now, Pay Later Silver is not responsible for lost, stolen or damaged product. We will provide proof that we shipped the product via USPS, along with the tracking number and reciepts; once the product is out of our hands, it is the responsibility of the USPS to deliver it intact, in a timely manner. All shipping claims must be made through the USPS.

Shipping outside of the US:

Currently, we only accept orders that will bill and ship to the United States (and its territories), Canada and Mexico. For those orders going to Canada or Mexico, the customer will be responsible for all duties, taxes, tariffs and/or customs charges.


Return Policy:

Due to the nature of the product we sell, we will only accept a return of the product within 15 days of the customer receipt. The product must be unopened, undamaged and unmarked in any way. You must first contact us with a request to return the product; once the request is approved, we will generate a Returned Merchandise Authorization (RMA) number. You will ship the product to us, at your expense, via the carrier of your choice. You must ship it insured for the value of the product, and also supply a tracking number .

Upon receipt of your returned product, we will confirm that it is the correct product and that it is resellable. If it is, you will recieve a refund of 90% of the last order's payment; the other 10% is for the handling and restocking fees.

If the product is not deemed resellable, or it is not the product that was shipped to you, you will be notified via phone and email. We will not issue a refund in this case, and you must arrange for the product to be sent back to you at your expense. Product not claimed after 60 days may be disposed of as our discretion.

Cancellation Policy:

Either party may cancel the contract at any time, for any reason. All product sent to the customer, including any product in transit that has already been billed, will remain the property of the customer. There is no fee to cancel a contract. If you desire to cancel the contract, we recommend that you do so within the first week of the month. This will help prevent another shipment from being sent after the cancellation notice has been recieved

All cancellations MUST be submitted in writing, either by digitally signed email or post office mail. The cancellation must include the customers full name, address, contract number and be signed accordingly.

Once a contract is cancelled, there will be no additional charges to the credit card. Cancelled contracts are not restorable; if the customer wants to purchase additional product, they must start with a new contract.




1 (833) 84-SILVER
1 (833) 847-4583   •   SALES@BPNLS.COM  •  BAY SHORE, NY 11706

1 (833) 84-SILVER
1 (833) 847-4583   •   SALES@BPNLS.COM  •  BAY SHORE, NY 11706

1 (833) 84-SILVER
1 (833) 847-4583   •   SALES@BPNLS.COM  •  BAY SHORE, NY 11706

1 (833) 84-SILVER
1 (833) 847-4583